Leading Research

The Puritan Research Center supports research of the Reformation and Post-reformation eras through its extensive collection of primary and secondary sources specializing in Dutch Nadere Reformatie, English Puritan, and American Puritan studies. International research cooperation, as well as in-house research projects, position the Puritan Research Center as a leading research center in Puritan and (Post) Reformation studies. Secure online access offers PRTS students, and scholars around the world a gateway to the digital primary and secondary resources of the Puritan Research Center.

Our Mission

Our Affiliated Centers

The Puritan Research Center plans to institute affiliated centers throughout the world with a selected number of research and education partners. A dedicated portal of the Puritan Research Center, offering secure access, will be shared with each affiliated center thus providing online access to the campus library and Puritan Research Center; this will make digital primary and secondary resources available to the affiliated center and its scholars, faculty, and students. For inquiries related to the Affiliated Puritan Research Centers, please contact us.